1. I think, at this point in our world, we’ve got a really confused idea of the way that gender and sexuality work and we’ve created this really superfluous binary in the way we think about gender. I guess I identify as queer because I don’t identify with that. [x]

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    The bookstore in my town has a racism section in honor of Ferguson and it gives me a lot of hope

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    Women against feminism are basically just arguing that their individual lives are fine and they don’t care about what other women go through

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  4. Louis Armstrong plays for his wife, Lucille, in front of the Sphinx and Great pyramids in Giza, Egypt, 1961.

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    Today, Ferguson is prepared to “keep it moving.”

    September 28th

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    Easy Updo #2: Updo with Copper Piping.

    This updo was inspired by these two pins from Pinterest. Instead of paying $25 for the metal hairpiece in the last pin, I bought some metal piping from Home depot for $1.25 per piece.

    • Best on: Wet and or stretched hair; medium-long length. (If you have short hair, I’ll show you how to add a Jumbo braid first.)
    • Great For: Lunch date; Casual outgoing with friends
    • What You’ll Need: 1’” inch wide Copper piping (Home Depot, $1.25), flatbrush, rubberbands, bobby pins, moisturizer (I used QP Elasta Olive and Mango Butter Leave-in Conditioner) and a gel or paste (I use Prostyl Protein Gel).


    1. On wet hair (makes this look go much smoother), put your hair into two close ponytails.
    2. Twist each ponytail.
    3. Pull ponytails through one tube.
    4. Take the ends and pull them through the second tube.
    5. Pin the ends of the twists behind the rubberbands to disguise them.
    6. Done! Easy peezy. 


    Easy Updo #2: Ponytail with Copper piping (pictured below). 

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    This updo looks great with a couple two strand twistouts. 


    1. Pull your hair back into a ponytail. 
    2. Twist hair. **If you want to get the wavy look pictured above, do steps 1-2 with several twists on wet hair. Take the twists out when semi-dry.**
    3. Slide piping all the way up to cover ponytail holder. Your hair should hold it in place if it is thicker. If your hair is thinner, simply tie a rubber band underneath the piping.
    4. Done. 

    Check out Updo #1 if you haven’t already!


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    Barbapapa, photographer Isabelle Chapuis 

    this is fuckin brilliant

    I luh dis

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